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Client: Mid & East Antrim Borough Council

Set on the shores of Belfast Lough and home to the most intact Norman Castle in Ulster, the Walled Town of Carrickfergus has long captured the imagination, from the legends of King Fergus to the Norman Knight de Courcey and well beyond.


We were appointed to devise an interpretive masterplan and design options for a new harbour-side visitor centre, the castle, and points of interest along the town walls. Working as part of a wider consultant team we delivered a successful funding bid under the Belfast City Region Deal to develop a vision for Carrickfergus as a place to visit, live, work and invest, to further drive the visitor economy of Northern Ireland.


With improved access to and interpretation of the castle, visitors will be exposed to a fully immersive experience, where the modern world is left behind. The interiors will be transformed through carefully considered interpretation, appropriate use of technology and sympathetic furnishings, creating an unforgettable journey for the visitor.

The spaces will be dressed to create an impression that the historic residents have just left, and animated with immersive presentation techniques to create a compelling narrative - revealing the archaeology, taking the visitor back to relive key historic events, and revealing how the notable residents used the spaces. Furthermore, the removal of inappropriate buildings and visual clutter will allow the historic fabric to read, while well-placed and sympathetic new buildings will improve the visitor offer, allowing for a large and wide-ranging events calendar and enable the telling of much wider stories.


The aim was to create something unique, rooted in the history of the place with a modern twist where all of the elements come together to create a coherent brand.

Our role:

  • Interpretation Masterplanning

  • Exhibition Design

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