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Jerwood at the Harley

Client: Harley Gallery, Nottinghamshire

Through 2021-22 The Harley Gallery welcomed returning visitors with four fresh perspectives on contemporary art, thanks to The Jerwood Collection’s year long guest residency in this Nottinghamshire historic house’s galleries. For each three-month presentation we devised a new exhibition scheme, working closely with all four curators to support key storylines while allowing the outstanding art – by over 100 different British artists including Henry Moore, Elisabeth Frink and Barbara Hepworth – to shine.


Colour, graphics and audio clips were cleverly deployed across the three gallery spaces. For example, soundscapes and wall colours highlighted different landscapes for Coast, Country, City; for A Curator’s Choice, a fictional ‘dinner party’ setting with table illustrations, audio clips and portraits brought the artists themselves into the room; bold colours and graphic framing devices allowed work from Outside In to stand out in Outsider Art // Kindred Spirits; and playful linking devices between text and imagery underpinned the narrative and interpretative journey for the schools project A Voyage of Discovery.


Our role:

  • Exhibition design

  • Graphic Concept Design with Surface 3

  • Overseeing installation

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