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'Stunning.' The Independent

'David Bowie is a triumph.' Evening Standard

'David Bowie Is' is a masterclass: educating, entertaining, and enlightening,' GQ Magazine

'It is in many ways the perfect exhibition.' Peter Frankopan, The Huffington Post

'The most striking thing about the show is that it is brought to life by technology and united in sound and vision in a way rarely seen in a museum.' NY Times

'The exhibition successfully makes you feel you have entered the creative mind of an astonishing cultural icon.' Telegraph

'The floor-to-ceiling screens showing live footage are genuinely awe-inspiring.' The Guardian

'Like all Bowie's best tunes, this show works on multiple levels.' The Metro

'How to describe the exhilaration of stepping into the David Bowie exhibit? It's unique: something like diving bodily into the best gig-slash-fashion-slash-culture show you've ever seen.' Vogue

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