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Unseen Treasures of the Portland Collection

Client: Harley Foundation

Finding engaging and creative ways to animate eclectic collections is something on which we at Real Studios pride ourselves. In our second rehang of the Portland Collection at the Harley Museum, 'Unseen Treasures', we have delved into some of their most rarely exhibited works, and grouped them in such a way as to reveal changing tastes and times over four centuries.


Tudor and Jacobean portraits - some never seen before in public - are presented in a dramatic ‘salon hang’ in the Long Gallery. More intimate objects of sculpture, jewellery, furniture and textiles are set against deep blue and green in the Side Gallery, arranged around an extraordinary, ornamental and flamboyantly decorated four poster bed.

A consistency of tone and language in graphics and wall texts is carried through to entertaining trail booklets, which make sure visitors get the most out of their experience and this extraordinary collection. A bold move to display the show’s title in pink neon at the entrance highlights the gallery’s ongoing support of contemporary artists.

Our role:​​

  • Exhibition Design

  • Interior Design

  • Design & Build

  • Graphic Design with Surface 3

Photo credits: Harley Foundation & Alex Wilkinson Media

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