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Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery

Client: Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery 

The Museum of Birmingham will be the first museum in the world to reinvent a major traditional collection as the common, shared heritage of a young, multi-cultural city. The museum will explore the city’s artistic, scientific, and industrial heritage using objects, social and oral histories, images and aspects of intangible cultural heritage that tell stories - sometimes painful and controversial - about why and how people came to Birmingham, and their experiences of growing up, living and working in the city.

BMAG tasked Real Studios with devising an interpretive strategy and design approach to bring the display of its world-class collection of art and objects - from ancient Egyptian relics to 20th century masterpieces - up to 21st century visitor standards.

Working alongside Associated Architects, who developed a new accessible entrance and visitor route through the museum, Real Studios has reframed the visitor experience around the key human, social and historical stories rather than museum classifications. Alongside the client, we identified 20 themes / galleries of around 100 stories that allow for connections between collection areas and developed a number of these to form a crucial part of their funding bid.

Our role:

  • Interpretation masterplanning

  • Master space planning

  • Funding bid support – NLHF Round 1

  • Exhibition design

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