Celtic Art and Design

Client: The British Museum

In creating this beautifully integrated scheme for the British Museum's

Sainsbury Exhibition Gallery, we drew inspiration from the voluptuous organic forms and intricate patterns of Celtic art and design. 

Our concept was to split the gallery down its centre, enticing visitors along sweeping forms to a magnificent 4-metre high Celtic cross cast at the end of the space. The curved walls created natural alcoves and enclosures to reveal clusters of smaller artefacts and frame the larger items – stone carvings, statues and paintings. 

In this way, our design drew visitors around the exhibition, promenade style, as the chronological story of these Iron Age, Roman and Early Medieval people unfolded; their customs, rituals and beliefs along one side and the revival of their art along the other.

AV presentations at the start and end of the exhibition provided context, exploring in the former the historical scale and geographic breadth of Celtic heritage; in the latter the continuing Celtic influence on national identity. 


Images 1, 2, 3, 7 & 8 © of the British Museum

Our role:

  • Exhibition design

  • Overseeing installation


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