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Eureka! Science + Discovery – Interiors

Client: Eureka!

With a compelling mix of hyperscaled structures physical and digital interactives, Eureka! Science + Discovery works hard to educate and entertain. Our scheme for the adjacent interior spaces frames these activities and entices its young visitors within, helping to embed the museum at the heart of its community and the wider school population.


A spirit of fun and interactivity is communicated right from the start, in the Hub space, with its clear invitation to scale the climbing tree which reaches up into the first floor ‘nature’ zone, signposted with a ‘sun’ lighting feature, whose colour-changing rays flow across the space. Once briefed in the Hub, the young visitors are released for the exciting journey of self-directed exploration across two floors of exhibitions as well as activities in the Make-Create workshop and Science Theatre.

The Make-Create workshop and Science Theatre are both truly multifunctional spaces, reconfigurable to allow for workshops, seminars, screenings and evening functions. Our robust, contemporary palette of ply, black worktops and blackboard walls is enlivened with splashes of yellow in Make Create whilst retractable seating, a full sound and AV system and even disco lights allows for all opportunities in the Science Theatre.

Our role:

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