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Eureka! Science + Discovery

Client: Eureka!

Our creativity in masterplanning, interpretation and design reached new heights in Eureka! Science + Discovery’s new children’s museum, which opened in November 2022 on the Wirral waterfront. A playful, flamboyant and larger than life sibling for the original Eureka! Children’s Museum in Halifax, which opened in 1992, this one will stimulate and educate youngsters in and around its core age group of 10-12s with its immersive, inventive and engaging program.


Evolving through years of co-creation workshops with both client and stakeholder groups, including local industry partners, we've exceeded its brief - to enrich understanding of science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics (STEAM) subjects – in the appealing and informative way the exhibition draws the visitor into three key narratives: body, home and nature. Each area is flagged up with distinctive exhibits and vibrant environments, offering a playful mix of interactive, experiential, tactile and sculptural exhibits.

This compelling blend of sculpture garden, theatrical landscape and laboratory includes a Make-Create workshop, a science theatre for presentations and events and a separate under 7's area. Co-director Yvonne Golds says: ‘We like to think we have matched the original Eureka! For personality and impact but brought it bang up to date.’

Our role:


  • Interpretive Masterplanning

  • Exhibition Design

  • Software Design Concept & Creative Direction

  • Graphic Design with David Sudlow Designers

  • Lighting Design with DHA Designs

  • Overseeing Installation

Photo credits: Matt Thomas

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