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F1 The Exhibition

Client: Round Room Studios

Co-designing the first ever Formula 1 exhibition, celebrating the world’s most thrilling sport, has been one of the most intense challenges of our 25-year career in exhibition and museum design. How do you convey the excitement, speed, scale, high drama and big personalities of this sport in a fully immersive, 21st century experience?

Working collaboratively with Round Room Studios, we devised a design vision for the project: to evoke the outstanding aspects of the sport, its atmosphere, personalities and cutting-edge technology through distinctive, themed environments. Authenticity as well as theatricality informing the spaces: a 'concrete bunker' Design Lab; a starting grid for Drivers and Duels; and an expo-like Revolution by Design to convey the cutting-edge science and technology behind the cars.

Throughout the project, we brought rigorous understanding and intelligent thinking to the table. Briefing and brainstorming sessions with the wider team enabled us to develop the concepts for spaces and individual displays, which were presented and then reiterated in drawings and visuals as storylines and potential artefact lists evolved.

The complex nature of the exhibition, with mixed-media immersive environments and engaging, fact-filled displays, required close integration of all disciplines and design consistency throughout. We worked to refine every detail to deliver the highest possible quality while still ensuring that the exhibition could be easily broken down and reassembled for the duration of the tour.

Having opened in Madrid in early 2023, the planned venues for 2024
include Vienna, Toronto and London.

Our role:

  • Exhibition Design in collaboration with Round Room

  • Technical Design lead

  • Overseeing collection installation

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