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Landscapes of Life

Client: National Memorial Arboretum

Our masterplanning, interpretation and design skills played a key role in transforming the National Memorial Arboretum (NMA)

(NMA) site into a world-class visitor attraction.


Within a spectacular, tranquil setting, the NMA’s 350+ memorials cover a huge range of civilian and military stories and organisations. We worked closely with the client to identify the main themes and narratives in such a way as to provide an understanding of memorials through the ages, against a backdrop of the wider story of remembrance through the ages.


We focused on creating a thoughtful and immersive permanent exhibition, set within the elegant new visitor centre designed by

Glenn Howells Architects. Our interpretive masterplan explores the cultural heritage of remembrance, as well as the complex human stories of the groups or individuals represented on the site. A mixed media approach combines AV, floor projection, talking heads, interactives, graphics, sculptural interventions, a multi-media timeline and a commissioned artwork by Helen Marshall.

We also created exterior interpretation across the landscape, refurbishing existing weather shelters to become places for reflection as well as information hubs to enrich understanding of the surrounding memorials.

Our role:

  • Interpretation masterplanning

  • Funding bid support – HLF 2

  • Exhibition design

  • Lighting design with DHA Designs

  • Graphic design with Anonymous 

  • Software design concept & creative direction

  • Overseeing installation


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