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Men, Women & Things - The Portland Collection

Client: The Harley Gallery

We created a sophisticated and sensuous setting for Men, Women and Things, a new exhibition of rare works and masterpieces from The Portland Collection at The Harley Gallery. It celebrated the remarkable women - notable writers, historians and philanthropists –  emerging from the family of the Dukes of Portland, over their 400 years at the historic Welbeck Estate, Nottinghamshire.

Our re-display features sumptuous new colours, augmented with strategically placed wallpaper and fabrics, which provide dramatic backdrops to groups of works highlighting key figures such as Lady Margaret Cavendish-Bentinck. The lavish materials and hues of a stately home are deployed with a restraint and clarity suiting the contemporary, purpose built gallery, which opened in 2016, to provide a spectacular showcase for the silver, china, paintings and jewellery chosen from the family’s internationally significant collection.

Our commission also included the design of seating and activity spaces in the entry Pavilion, the design of a children’s passport booklet and display of a children’s project (across 2 spaces) linked to the Portland’s extraordinary miniature collection.

Our role:


  • Exhibition Design

  • Interior Design

  • Purchasing FF&E

  • Graphic Design with Surface 3

  • Overseeing Installation

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