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Tenement Through Time

Client: New Lanark Trust

We have delivered an innovative and interactive exhibition exploring tenement life in New Lanark between 1881-1971, preserving key moments in the history of the former mill town on the river Clyde that gained World Heritage status in 2001.


The permanent exhibition, Museum Stair, reconstructs part of the ‘untouched’ tenement, in what is an otherwise refurbished block of exemplary workers’ houses, established by 18th century philanthropist Robert Owen. Creating spaces that evoke the communal staircase and millworkers’ rooms, and using fragments of original architecture alongside replicated finishes and fittings, our exhibition allows visitors to imagine – through sound, film and graphics – what life was like in New Lanark across different eras.

In parallel with this, a temporary exhibition, Building Skills, celebrates the conservation of the site and its buildings, with an exploration of the people, skills and materials required in the restoration of New Lanark. Our hands-on exhibition presents the various trades, tools and associated building elements in a contemporary design that references traditional trestle tables and pallets.

Our role:


  • Interpretive Masterplanning

  • Exhibition Design

  • Lighting Design

  • Graphic Design with Studio HB

  • Software Design with Ay-Pe

  • Design & build delivery

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