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1 May 2017

After the huge success of 'David Bowie is' at the V&A, co-creators Real Studios were invited to work a similar magic for Pink Floyd: Their Mortal Remains, now open at the V&A. 


Working as part of the wider creative team including Pink Floyd's creative director Aubrey 'Po' Powell of Hipgnosis and Stufish, the band's long-serving stage designers. Real Studios' task has been to weave all the different creative influences and the display of over 350 objects into strong thematic groupings, to provide a clear picture of the band's context and legacy. 


Photography - The Pink Floyd Exhibition: Their Mortal Remains

4 Apr 2017

Lapworth Museum, a true gem that we had the pleasure of working with last year, has been nominated for Art Fund's Museum of the Year 2017 award - alongside cultural goliath, Tate Modern! 


Photograph copyright Mark Atkins/ArtFund 2017

3 Apr 2017

Real Studios are pleased to have been responsible for the design and delivery of the exhibition British Airways i360: How it was Built. From scriptwriting to production, we have worked closely with Marks Barfield Architects in the delivery of this stunning pictorial record of Brighton's newest landmark.


Photograph copyright Paul Raftery

2 Mar 2017

Real Studios has added an extra injection of 21st century pizzazz into the classic car collection of Haynes International Motor Museum near Yeovil. Large graphic backdrops and AV projections now conjure the thrill of driving, on and off the road, for its American Dream gallery.


The gallery's four stars - a 1915 Model T Ford, a 1942 Willys Army jeep, a 1968 Pontiac Bonneville Ambulance and a 1981 De Lorian - were filmed being taken for a spin on the test circuit, to give visitors to this popular site a taster of what driving these beauties is like, and highlight Haynes' commitment to keeping its museum-worthy vehicles live and action-ready. 

2 Feb 2017

Real Studios will soon be luring the public to Walthamstow Wetlands' new visitor centre, with displays that layer information and activities around a lively central café in the refurbished Victorian Triple Engine House. It opens summer 2017.
Currently one of Thames Water's best-kept secrets, Real Studios' scheme is designed to encourage exploration of the vast reservoir landscape, with AV's revealing the workings and history of the site, its flora and fauna. A key feature of the design, an iconic installation, will be suspended over the ground floor café: 150 glass bottles, their contents gathered and displayed through engagement with local community groups and schools. 
We are working alongside WWM architects and KLA landscape designers.

1 Feb 2017

For the Royal Academy's new blockbuster, Revolution (now open), Real Studios has deployed a revolutionary sensibility using graphics, structures and colours inspired by Russian design of the period. This acts as a frame to the extraordinary (and sometimes controversial) art works of the period.
Revolution: Russian Art 1917-1932 charts the period when artists and designers looked to reinvent what and indeed who their art was for. Real Studios' bold design takes visitors on a dynamic journey through the mixed media content, harnessing the dynamism of the period's flourishing visual language, with a 'Russian' sense of colour, large graphic propaganda and dynamic structural interventions.

1 Feb 2017

'Stylishly designed, the show proceeds with verve, and has a lovely flow.'
The Telegraph - 7th Feb

'you can expect something vivid and varied - and often viscerally moving'
The Times - 7th Feb 

'In a brilliant (and un-signposted) coup de théâtre, the ceiling of this ornate, neoclassical gallery is hung with recreations of the abstract forms designed by Nathan Altman for Palace Square in St. Petersburg'
Art News - 8th Feb

'Thrilling and chilling'
The Financial Times - 11th Feb

'The brief but soaring flight of the Russian Avant Garde falls to earth in a silt of Stalinist kitsch, and what follows is condensed in the intensely moving Room of Memory.'
The Guardian  - 12th Feb

'The dizzying idealism reaches its height in one of the exhibition's most striking rooms where, bird-like, a wood and canvas flying machine is suspended from a vaulting rotunda ceiling.'
The Economist - 16th Feb

1 Nov 2016

Real Studios is looking east again: following 2015's Cosmonauts blockbuster for the Science Museum, Real Studios has been asked to devise a sophisticated and evocative scheme for the Royal Academy of Arts looking at a fascinating period in 20th century Russian art.
Opening February 2017, the exhibition: Revolution: Russian Art 1917-1932 will showcase the extraordinary period between the Russian Revolutions and the arrival of Stalin's oppressive censorship. The challenge for Real Studios is to devise a framework that complements a complex mixture of styles and mediums, from the paintings of Kandinsky and Malevich to socialist realist painting, by way of pioneering photographers, sculptors, filmmakers, graphic artists and radical architects. 
Image Bolshevik by Boris Mikailovich Kustodiev, © State Tretyakov Gallery 

3 Oct 2016

The National Memorial Arboretum in Staffordshire has repositioned itself as a world class visitor attraction this autumn, with help from Real Studios, whose permanent exhibition, within the new, contemporary visitor centre by Glenn Howells Architects, is a unique and engaging multimedia exploration of the wider cultural heritage of remembrance.
The design and content celebrate the tranquillity of the site's natural environment, while revealing the complex human stories of the people - both military and civilian - who are commemorated here. The scheme includes A/V, models, interactives and a commissioned art work by Helen Marshall. 

1 Sep 2016

Real Studios injected extra vintage atmosphere and fun at the Goodwood Revival this year (2016), with a quirky and characterful tearoom inspired by the V&A's legendary Britain Can Make It Exhibition of 1946.
September's annual three-day Goodwood Revival event is a celebration of racing's glory days of the 40s, 50s and 60s. Real Studios collaborated with Goodwood and the V&A, whose Britain Can Make It archives inspired Real Studios' pop-up graphics, props, furniture sourcing and styling, making the Tearoom a popular hang-out for vintage lovers of all ages.

1 Sep 2016

Since opening in July, Portsmouth's Rose warship has drawn record numbers of visitors keen to see the remains of this magnificent 16th century warship rendered fully visible for the first time since it was raised from the seabed in 1982. The story of its crew, its construction and dramatic resurrection and restoration are told in a cutting-edge A/V. 
Now displayed in the world's largest showcase; part glazed part open on three levels, the boat is brought to life with two sophisticated A/V narratives, one of which projects crew members going about their duties (in peacetime and at war) in the relevant parts of the boat, while the other tells the story of boat's construction, sinking and resurrection. For these, Real Studios collaborated with lighting designer Adam Grater of DHA design, AV designer Graham English and sound designer Peter Key

1 Sep 2016

Following the global success of the 'David Bowie is...' exhibition, designed by Real Studios and 59 Productions, the V&A are presenting a retrospective of Pink Floyd.
Working with Aubrey Powell of Hipgnosis (creative director and curator for Pink Floyd, and designers of Pink Floyd album covers) and Stufish (designers of the band's sets) Real Studios joins the creative team to bring its exhibition expertise to the display of the content of the show - the 350 objects including instruments, hand-written lyrics, posters, drawings, prints and ephemera.
The exhibition opens in May 2017 and runs for 20 weeks.
Image © Victoria and Albert Museum, London

1 Aug 2016

Through planting and sculptural elements, Gillespies and Expedition Engineering's landscape recreate the home where Shakespeare spent his last 19 years as a family man and gentleman - a house that was, sadly demolished, two centuries ago. In the adjacent Grade 1 listed building, Real Studios uses specially commissioned A/V installations, stunning theatrical displays and sculptural set-pieces to evoke Shakespeare's family and professional life.
A radically new presentation of Shakespeare's life and times has opened its doors in Stratford-on-Avon. New Place is both a narrative landscape, tracing the contours of his original family home, and a two-storey, immersive and entertaining exhibition in the adjacent historic house, designed by Real Studios.

Image © Martin Neeves/Shakespeare Birthplace Trust

1 Jun 2016

Hundreds of excited visitors of all ages have flocked to experience Real Studios' new state-of-the-art galleries for The Lapworth Museum of Geology at Birmingham University, since the museum reopened its doors on 10th June.
Real Studios' imaginative re-interpretation of the museum's world-class geological collection reveals the evolution of our planet and the science through which we now understand it, as well as the vital human element: the passion of collectors such as Professor Lapworth, through whom the earth's workings have been revealed. The exhibition is a key part of a £2.7m redevelopment, including substantial new architectural elements by Associated Architects, to improve the Museum's accessibility and impact.  

1 Apr 2016

Delighted that Bethlem Museum is a finalist for Artfund's Museum of the Year Award! We're proud to have collaborated on this exceptional and enlightening permanent exhibition.

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