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U-534 - The U-Boat story

Client: Mersey Travel, Liverpool

One of only four remaining Second World War U-Boats acts as the centrepiece of this permanent visitor attraction at Liverpool Docks. Submerged for decades, raised in 1993 and on display as part of the Warship Preservation Trust’s collection until 2006, the craft was sliced into 4 sections to fit the site and to allow views into the previously inaccessible interior from an external deck.


Our exhibition in the visitor centre next to the boat tells the story of its design and build, its role during the war, the personal stories of those on board, plus its dramatic retrieval from the sea bed. Graphics and imagery convey layers of information for both in-depth and rapid reading, while beautifully preserved artefacts, inspiring interactives and archive film footage help bring the period, the craft and its crew vividly to life.

Our role:

  • Interpretation masterplanning

  • Exhibition design

  • Lighting design with DHA Designs

  • Graphic design with Surface 3

  • Software design concept & creative direction

  • Overseeing installation

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