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Tower of London

We drew on all our contemporary design and storytelling skills to bring two compelling new stories to London visitors, in two towers previously inaccessible to the public. 

A sculptural AV display in the Bowyer Tower, inspired by stacked packing crates, conveys three compelling narratives around the Duke of Wellington: Fire, Fortress and Revolution. The 'Iron' Duke made many additions and improvements to the Tower and completely altered its role within the city during his tenure as Constable of the Tower from 1826 to 1852. 

Nearby, in the adjacent Flint Tower, we made powerful use of historic photographic records along with newly commissioned photography by Dominic Davies, in an exhibition on the Tower's role as recruitment and training centre during the First World War.

The projects were undertaken on a design and build basis and we completed both on a tight 5-month programme.

Our role:

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