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Biedermeier Concept Room

Client: Le Meridien

Following our creation of the Art + Tech concept for Le Meridien, we were invited to design a new guestroom concept, inspired by the Austrian Biedermeier movement (1815-1848), which set a new standard for modern design. Aimed at the design-conscious over-30s, it combined high-tech sophistication with a luxurious and refined aesthetic sensibility. The rich colours we selected – emerald greens, blues and antique golds – acted as a backdrop to dark wood furniture, much of it faithful reproductions of original Biedermeier pieces. Headboard-cum-showcases, displaying artefacts relating to the Biedermeier period, complement other playful elements such as chairs protruding through foyer ceilings, or chair backs emerging through bathroom walls to form towel rails, setting these rooms apart from the luxury hotel norm.

Superbly appointed bathrooms feature a wet area, set within cocoon-like rooms of dark coloured slate and polished plaster. Originally intended for rollout at Le Meridien's Grosvenor House, the scheme was put on hold due to Le Meridien's change of ownership.


Our role:

  • Interior design

  • Sourcing & commissioning of artworks

  • Overseeing installation

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