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Imperial War Museum North

Client: Imperial War Museum North

Imperial War Museum North, designed by Daniel Libeskind, needed to present its historic collection in a way that would raise the bar for exhibition display. Our design achieved the desired impact – animating and informing visitors, while helping to secure this museum's status as a top UK destination.


We designed displays around six sweeping war themes, presented in tall silos, while the chronology of C20th and C21st world events is narrated in a 220m timeline of graphics, objects and AVs encircling the space. Large objects – a tank, a field gun, a Harrier Jump Jet, seemingly defying gravity – are displayed across the exhibition hall, adding impact to the museum’s Big Picture AV presentation. Each of the themed silos conveys a world within a world, vividly evoking, through sculpture, photography or dramatic installations, the experience of war from a wide variety of viewpoints.

Our role:

  • Interpretation masterplanning

  • Exhibition design

  • Lighting design with DHA Design

  • Graphic design with Surface 3

  • Overseeing installation

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