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Client: The British Library

We showcased the British Library's focus on the connections and differences between Judaism, Christianity and Islam by displaying exquisite and rare examples of founding texts and iconic artefacts in a sculptural, light-filled setting. A central 'shaft of light' made by four silver voile screens encloses three of the most precious manuscripts side by side, acting as a lure into and around the exhibit. The flow of exhibits and narrative was outlined by a pearlescent white ‘sculptural ribbon' rising and falling throughout the space, forming display stands, frames for large objects, surfaces for interpretation and doorways to different theme areas. We displayed historical content in perimeter showcases, set against striking blue-tinted graphics fading to white, blending with the top line of the perimeter wall. Graphic panels and AV installations at the start and finish of the exhibition reinforced the connections between religious practices and people today.

Our role:

  • Exhibition design

  • Lighting design with DHA Designs

  • Graphic design with Studio HB

  • Software design concept & creative direction

  • Overseeing installation

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