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While Neptune Court - one of the National Maritime Museum's key large exhibit spaces - undergoes a major reworking, Real Studios has created some exhibition tasters to provide animation and entice visitors towards existing and future shows. Three beach huts sit in the 'East Street' area. One is dressed as a 'Royal River' hut in richly coloured fabric and looks onto the spectacular Prince Fredrick's Barge, while Handel's Water Music is played within its lushly upholstered interior - this is a taster for the 'Royal River' exhibition which opens in 2012. A High Arctic hut flags up the new High Arctic exhibition, with images and tales of explorers from past centuries arranged around its walls. The third provides some valuable family entertainment, dressed as a holiday beach hut. It shows the evolution of beach holidays with historic seaside pictures from the NMM archives, alongside interactive toy, game and dressing up elements for children.

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